Partnering with Wholesalers.

Are you holding a contract to purchase a Southern California property and not sure of the next steps? You have come to the right place. Fair Trade buys an average of 2 deals a week from local wholesalers and would be happy to purchase your next deal.

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Bring us your assignable Purchase contract.

We’ll Handle The Rest

Bring us the assignable contract for your wholesale deal and we'll take care of the rest. Fair Trade Real Estate offers a unique partnership opportunity for wholesalers of all sizes across California. We'll purchase your wholesale deal, regardless of the condition or situation, so you have confidence in your deal closing while maintaining your relationship with the seller. Discover why so many wholesalers consider Fair Trade Real Estate the best option when assigning their contracts to a performing buyer.

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Our Partnership Promise

We are always looking for properties to purchase, so we rely on the wholesaler community. Bring us your assignable contract and we’ll purchase the property and close quickly.

Partnering with Wholesalers

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